would you     die for me     he asks when         there is         nothing between us but skin & sweat as we            exhale          chest to chest                      too hot          too tired        to do much               more than lie there wine & resentment               spilled on sand                     separating us i... Continue Reading →


Things We Don’t Say (4/4)

Brother Disheveled. His hair was uncombed and fluffy, flopping over half his forehead. He hadn’t changed out yesterday’s clothes, the same clothes from before being placed in a police car and locked away for the night. He blinked slowly, like his eyes were heavy with exhaustion. I balled up a napkin and threw it in... Continue Reading →

Things We Don’t Say (3/4)

Sister She smiled at me. I saw her phone light up with a message filled with hearts and smiles from my place next to her. She smiled like I hadn’t changed my clothes fifteen minutes before dinner. Like that had nothing to do with the hour’s worth of tears she emptied onto my shoulder. My... Continue Reading →

Things We Don’t Say (2/4)

Father He was worried. Looked like he was minutes from fracturing into pieces all over the floral tablecloth. He frowned, two prominent creases between his eyebrows. He was shiny. Pale. He made eye contact with me. He rubbed his temples and clenched his jaw. I smiled. Something viscous caught in my throat, grew roots and... Continue Reading →

Things We Don’t Say (1/4)

Mother She was on her fourth tumbler of whiskey. My heart thumped in my throat when I swallowed. A lump lodged in my chest, compressed my lungs and snapped my ribs. I left behind crescents on the palm of each hand. She hadn’t even touched a wine glass in almost a month. She drank, eyes... Continue Reading →


i held her between two hands—smoothing the lines of each leg and shaping spinal ridges—until she unfurled and stood upright on her own. she was cold: eyes a different shade of blue, mouth a dying meadow filled with brush. i gifted her a match and held her fingers steady—teaching—while she struck warmth into existence no... Continue Reading →

Novel Excerpt No.2

Amada stood, still and stiff in her tanktop and underwear, while Mamá placed the bowl of water on the table next to the egg. She smiled and grabbed Amada's hands and placed a kiss in the center of each palm before setting them back to her sides. Amada smiled. She didn't especially enjoy when Mamá... Continue Reading →


text taken from “The Song of Achilles” and “Circe” by madeline miller   do not forget it / her heavy darkness reaching / through golden light and raw nectar / petal-veined hands hopeless / and beautiful dishonor stained bright with ash / do not forget it / the dawning of regrets poured deathless / in... Continue Reading →


i bury daffodil bulbs in my gardens and watch them come up asphodel by the dozens.   they hear him say he remembers a meadow full of pale white and blush petals. they want   to please smiles from his mouth and caresses from icy fingers when he gifts   me flowers and bowls of... Continue Reading →

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